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Settings Lie

If you select "Clear Autosuggest History," it doesnt clear. Are you collecting our browsing habits? Privacy is an issue!!! Fix this and Ill rate it 5 stars.


How do I delete my listing on your app ? Cant figure it out. All I get is people constantly calling me harassing me about 20 times a day everyday saying they work for your app. And they are very rude and hang up on me when I ask them to stop calling. I think they are scammers. Tired of it.

Good app

When your search comes up with multiple locations, like a corporate business, and you choose one but go back, for some reason you have to resubmit your search. When you go back, it should be the results you got from your first search.

Great App!!!!

This is the most helpful app Ive used!!!!


App as a consumer it is hard to have my phone number update after several request. I used it quite often for other service and it is a great app to locate services

Great app, needs more users

I am thoroughly enjoying this app even though it doesnt have the critical mass that Yelp enjoys yet. The navigation is very smooth and intuitive. Finding cheap gas has also been very useful. Give it s try, its a much cleaner experience then the competition.

No hiccups


Useful and Reliable in the U.S.

YP is quite dependable for accurate information about various businesses, either nearby or at some other location. The information about business hours of operation are usually correct, however, if you need to confirm the operating hours its best to use the phone number, provided in this app, to call. Often it links you to the correct website to gain more information about the business.

Need to update list!

I have found a lot of businesss that have gone out of business. Very frustrating when trying to find what your looking for. Needs a better search browser to find businesss your looking for. But over all its better than flipping thru the phone book any day.

Absolutely Perfect In Utility&Versatility

Absolutely Perfect In Utility&Versatility


I love this app its very useful , I use it all the time , its very accurate..

YP app

I love this app. I have recommended this app to everyone I know. I use it everyday. Thanks.

Business locations are out of date.

Robinsons animal rescue location is wrong in Shreveport.

Get this!!

This app has been such a life saver, if ever I need any help it comes through!! Must have App!!!


I really like this app. I use this app a lot.

Love it!

I find almost everything Im searching for on this app, its the greatest!

Extremely handy!

The YP app comes in very handy. I always find what Im looking for, although I sometimes have to navigate around businesses that dont exist any longer. Perhaps something can be worked out to update their data more often. I use it so much that its on my homepage of apps.


I love this app and I cant live without it

Great app!

I use this app almost daily. Very useful and very accurate.

Love it!

I depend on this app often when researching businesses. Thx!

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